The Journey

Maggie McKenzie was an elderly friend of Esther Walton, who had been ill with heart trouble. She told John Boy that she and her husband, Michael, were married on a ship, by the Captain, just after she had arrived in America from Scotland. She and Michael, used to travel back to the sea each anniversary, and look back out across the sea, remembering Scotland where they were both born. They would then have dinner at a restaurant.

Since Michael had died she hadn't been back and she longed to celebrate their wedding anniversary in this way, just once more. She planned to drive the car out to the sea for this reason. Maggie explained to John Boy the excitement of her wedding, and said that the Captain had performed the ceremony, then kissed her on the cheek and wished them a happy life in America. He then gave them a $20 gold piece as a wedding present.

John Boy drove Maggie back to see the sea on her anniversary, then took her to dinner at the restaurant she remembered. It was called The Mermaid Restaurant. The front sign says:

"Mermaid Restaurant

Chops and Steaks

Seafood Our Specialty".

For dinner, John Boy ordered scallops for Maggie and lobster for himself. It cost him $2.10 and he left a tip of 25 cents.

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