John Boy's Girlfriends

This one was fairly hard as there have been quite a lot. These are the ones which the members of the Waltons Digest Mailing List could come up with. If you know of any more, please feel free to write and let me know.

Marcia Woolery:

Marcia Woolery, played by Tammi Bula, pops up a lot in the first few seasons of The Waltons. It is during "The Hunt" that John Boy writes a poem to try to express to her how he feels about her and mentions "heady wine". After some thought she asks him if he knows a lot about wine because he writes about it.

Jenny Pendleton:

Jenny is seen in two episodes of The Waltons. In "The Love Story", John Boy proclaims that she is "just about the prettiest thing I ever laid eyes on". Jenny returns during the two hour episode "The Thanksgiving Story" when John Boy is injured.

Sarah Simmons:

Sarah, played by Sissy Spacek, is seen in "The Townie". She is a classmate of John Boy's and wants nothing more than to get married.


Daisy becomes John Boy's dance partner in "The Marathon", which John Boy entered against his mother's wishes. John Boy looks Daisy up when he goes to New York in search of his manuscript which he fears may have been lost, in "The Achievement".

Selena Linville:

Selena appears in a couple of episodes as John Boy's spoilt and wealthy love interest.

Madeline Bennett:
Madeline is a lady writer who comes to lecture at the University. He volunteers to escort her where she needs to go, picks her up from the station and generally looks after her during her visit.

Janet Gilchrist:
Janet begins to appear in the 1990's movies. She is the editor of Harper's Bazaar and goes with John Boy to meet his family in A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion. It is Janet whom he ends up marrying.

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