Walton Children's Occupations

John Boy:

John Boy left the mountain for New York to further his writing career. He has his book published and later becomes a television news anchor man.


Jason had several after school jobs such as working with Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang, playing guitar in their band, and working as a radio host. He also worked in the Dew Drop Inn as a pianist for a time, and eventually bought and ran it. He sold it later and moved to New York to further his music career by studying more. By the time the 1990's specials were being made, Jason was a musician, playing in a band, and writing songs. At the end of A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion, he has written a song for Elvis.

Mary Ellen:

Mary Ellen first became a nurse when she graduated from school. During season 9, however, she feels that she would better be able to help the people of the mountain if she was a doctor, and so she begins medical training and eventually becomes the doctor on Waltons mountain.


When Erin graduates from school, it is said that nobody knows what Erin really wants to be. For a time she had an after school job as the telephonist with Fanny Tatum, however she finds that she enjoys office work and so trains as a secretary. She works for a time at J.D. Pickett's defense plant, and is working in the Walton's Mountain School, as a substitute teacher, after her divorce from Paul.


Ben is a little like his father, John, and seems to be able to turn his hand to many different jobs. He ends up working with his father in the saw mill.

Jim Bob:

Throughout his life Jim Bob had only had one ambition, and that was to learn to fly an airplane and join the Air Corps. When he finds that his eye sight is not good enough to get him in though, he is devastated. He runs the garage opposite Ike Godsey's store for a time. By the time of the 1990's movies, he is indeed a pilot and is spending much of his time flying, doing crop dusting and charter flights.


Elizabeth has completed her Masters in botany and has been travelling extensively.

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