John Boy's Parting Gifts

John Boy tries desperately to raise some money for a down payment on a printing press in the season 4 episode of The Fledgeling. Finding that he is becoming overtired with work and school, he moves to a boarding house near his workplace and the University.

As he is packing his things at home, Grandma gives him a parting gift…a bible. She then tells him to read it every night, say his prayers, resist temptation and remember that he is her grandson.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Olivia is preparing her own parting gifts. She gives him some of her fried chicken to remind him of home, then she too, gives him a bible and tells him to see that he uses it.

Cora Beth and Ike Godsey call in to see John Boy at his boarding house on their way to see the movie One Hundred Men and A Girl. Cora Beth has a little dog with her called Clementine. She tells John Boy that just as soon as Mr Godsey said that he would like to hear the pitter patter of little feet around the house, she went down to the animal shelter and got Clementine their new dog. Ike doesn't like Clementine, however, because "she makes mischief on the rug".

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