Earl Hamner's appearance

Earl Hamner appeared in only one episode of The Waltons, with the exception of him introducing segments on A Decade of The Waltons. His one episode was in the first episode of season 2, "The Journey".

There is a scene in this episode where Maggie McKenzie is having dinner with John Boy, after he took her to see the ocean once more before her death. She reminisces of the time when she was there with her husband on their honeymoon and there is a flashback sequence where we see a young Maggie dancing with her husband Michael. The non speaking part of Michael is played by Earl Hamner.

Incidentally have a close look at the photographs which Maggie shows John Boy in this episode. They are family photos of the Hamner family. Earl's sister, Marion Hamner, his inspiration for Mary Ellen, also appeared on an episode of The Waltons. She appeared briefly in a non speaking role in "The Odyssey".

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