Extended Walton Families

John Walton Junior:

John Boy married Janet Gilchrist, an editor of Harper's Bazaar (A Walton Wedding, 1995). The couple had twins (A Walton Easter, 1997) a boy and a girl.

Jason Walton:

Jason became engaged to Toni Hazleton near the end of the series of The Waltons. By the time the 1990's films were made, Toni and Jason had married and become parents to three boys: Burl, Roy and I'm not sure of the third boy's name. Toni is pregnant in A Walton Wedding, and gives birth to their daughter at the end of the wedding ceremony. They name her Patsy Kline Walton. In A Walton Easter, they have another baby girl, Loretta Lynne.

Mary Ellen Walton:

Mary Ellen was first married to Doctor Curtis Willard, during season 5 ("The Wedding"). Their son, John Curtis, was born during season 6 ("The Grandchild"). Curt was reportedly killed during Pearl Harbor. She agrees to marry Jonesy during season 9 ("The Whirlwind") only to find that Curt is actually still alive. Not wanting to be a part of her or John Curtis's lives, Curt divorces her. Mary Ellen and Jonesy finally marry during Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain. By the time the 1990's movies are made, she and Jonesy have 2 children, Katie and Clay. No further mention of John Curtis has been made.

Erin Walton:

Erin meets and becomes engaged to Paul Northridge near the end of the 9th season of The Waltons. Their wedding is seen in A Wedding on Waltons Mountain (1982). By the time the first of the movies were made in the 1990's, Erin and Paul have divorced, and have three children, two girls and a boy. The youngest girl is Amanda, and the eldest girl is Susan.

Ben Walton:

Ben follows in his parents footsteps when he elopes with Cindy Brunson (season 7). Their first child, Virginia, is born during season 8 ("The Idol"), then a son, Charlie, born during Mother's Day on Waltons Mountain. By the time the 1990's movies were made, however, Virginia has died, and there is no mention of Charlie.

Jim Bob Walton:

Although Jim Bob has had several romantic interests, he remains unmarried.

Elizabeth Walton:

Elizabeth once told her father that she would marry her high school sweetheart, Drew. At the end of A Waltons Easter, she and Drew finally announced their engagement.

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