Dr. Curtis Willard

Curt arrives on Walton's Mountain during the episode "The Wedding". He drives up while the Walton family and their friends are celebrating the engagement of Mary Ellen to David Spencer. The people of Waltons Mountain soon find out that Curt didn't lie when he tells Mary Ellen that he never did get a very good mark for his bedside manner. He manages to insult the following people:

Mary Ellen:

Curt walks into the Godsey store when Mary Ellen is there with her Grandmother, trying to find matching thread for Esther's old wedding dress which Mary Ellen plans to be married in. Curt tells her that: "It looks kind of dainty for a robust girl like you. I hope you're planning to let it out a little." Not exactly what any girl wants to hear!

Yancy Tucker:

Curt goes to visit Yancy when Yancy fears that their is something wrong with his "ticker". Curt tells him that there is nothing at all wrong with him apart from indigestion which was caused by VERY STRONG chili which Yancy has made. He adds that it is a wonder that he hasn't experienced more health problems though, given the state of hygiene at Yancy's hut, where the animals are free to roam in and out as they please. Curt suggests that Yancy clean up his hut and use the chili as disinfectant.

Flossie Brimmer:

He visits Flossie and she tells him that Dr. Vance used to just write her a prescription for something for the pain. She has fallen arches. He hands her a piece of paper on which he has written a diet for her to follow, and tells her to "lose 20 pounds and get shoes with arches." Flossie says to him as he is packing up to leave: "Dr Willard, you are forward" to which he smacks her on the bottom and replies "Mrs Brimmer, you are fat!"

The Baldwin Sisters:

Miss Mamie has brought Miss Emily to see the doctor because Miss Emily has a case of pneumonia. He goes to listen to Miss Emily's chest and asks her to unbutton her blouse. The look of horror on the faces of the sisters is priceless. They are very shocked and tell Curt that Dr Vance was their doctor for 20 years and he NEVER asked them to unbutton their garments!

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