Australian actress in series

The two hour episode, "The Children's Carol", starred a young Australian actress by the name of Sally Boyden. Sally played the guest role of Tess, the young English girl who, with her brother Pip, were war evacuees from London. They arrived on Waltons Mountain, initially to stay with the Baldwin ladies, but when they didn't seem to be responding very well, the sisters asked Olivia to step in and take the two children into her own family.

Sally was discovered by the producers of an Australian talent show, Young Talent Time, when she was just 7 years old. She went on to join the team of 8 young performers who were singing and dancing on the show, and remained with the show for three years. During that time she performed on television, did live concerts and made a record which did very well.

After her three years with the show, she went on to make a US/Australian movie called Barnaby and Me, which also starred Sid Caesar and Juliet Mills. It was while she was in America, auditioning for several movie parts, that the part of Tess in The Waltons, was offered. She also made Lassie - A New Beginning while she was over there, and won several other lead movie roles.

Back in Australia she continued her schooling, as well as finding time to appear in stage productions of Peter Pan and The Sound of Music, another Australian film and several other Australian television series.

She left eventually Australia for England where she began her song writing. I believe she is still there, and is still writing songs. I don't think she acts any more.

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