A Walton Wedding

Sitting around the quilting frame are several family members and friends. They are quilting Janet's wedding ring quilt, when Elizabeth comments that she likes to think that every stitch is a wish for the bride and groom. Following on from this thought are the wishes for John Boy and Janet, made by Olivia, Cora Beth and Janet's Aunt Flo.

Olivia wishes the couple happiness for years to come, Cora Beth, as romantic as ever, wishes them romance, and Aunt Flo wishes them a happy, carefree wedding and forgiveness for her excessiveness! She is, of course, referring to the fact that she has kept trying to take over the wedding plans, and plan for something far grander than what John Boy and Janet actually wanted.

When Janet's mother and father arrive at the Walton home and meet the family, her father tries to make sure that his daughter really is certain about what she is doing. After all, her own family background is quite different to John Boy's.

Her father describes them as being: "In the backwoods of Virginia, miles from a streetlight with a clan of people who seem to number into the thousands. My daughter is about to marry into that clan of folksy, fertile, poor but honest, salt of the earth, mountaineers." Fortunately though, he does finish by telling Janet that he does indeed like her young man and that "these are good people".

Just an aside here, did you recognize Janet's father? He is the actor who played Claire Arnold's father, the Chancellor of the University, in Beverly Hills 90210.

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