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This page of the site is devoted to members of the Waltons Digest requesting the most important items or moments from The Waltons.  Any Digest member can request an special item by emailing me at with their item.  It's meant to be a bit of fun, so have some fun with it. 

Karen K. (site owner)

Keeper of the Waltons Radio

Keeper of the Waltons graces

Teresa H.

Keeper of Olivia's Applesauce Cake Recipe

Shirley B.

Keeper of Olivia's Applesauce Cake


Keeper of the Quilts:

Grandma's in The Prize

Mary Ellen's in The Quilting

Cally S.

Keeper of John Boy's Blue Ridge Chronicle Newspaper

Keeper of John Boy's glasses.


Keeper of the Friendship Quilt:

Made for Olivia when she has polio in The Easter Story.


Keeper of the Walton House

Cynthia H.

Keeper of the Walton Family Values

Sharon H.

Keeper of John Boy's (and Earl Hamner's) Big Chief Tablet (aka The Journal)


Keeper of the Geranium:

Grandma gave it to Olivia so she and John could have some time to themselves.  She later shared it with Mary Ellen when they had problems of being overrun with family.


Keeper of the German Bible

Keeper of "Mein Kampf"

Both books from the episode where Rev. Fordwick tries to hold a book burning -- "The Firestorm."


Keeper of the Stained Glass Window from "The House"

Keeper of John Boy's Meadow


Keeper of Jason's harmonica


Keeper of the Cast Iron Stove

Keeper of the Long Wooden Table


Keeper of John Walton's Graduation Class


Keeper of John Boy's car

Sandy in the Carolinas

Keeper of the Tree House

Donald and Erin the Cat

Keeper of The Yearning


Keeper of John Boy's Typewriter

Valerie in California

Keeper of Reckless the dog


Keeper of John Boy's pen and ink

Judy in Illinois

Keeper of Grandma's rocking chair

Nicole in Canada Keeper of Elizabeth's dolls
Paul Keeper of Drucillas Pond
Michele Keeper of the Waltons Christmas trees
Barbara Keeper of the love affair between John and Olivia
Terry Keeper of the squeaky front and side screen doors

Keeper of the Waltons Goodnights

Keeper of the light in the window as they say their Goodnights

Marie in Sweden Keeper of John's hat

Keeper of the Walton Sawmill

Keeper of John Walton's blue eyes

Cindy Keeper of holding hands during grace at mealtimes
Lori Keeper of Ben and Cindy's baby cradle

Keeper of Mary Ellen's Wedding dress

Shayna Keeper of Olivia's Bible
Ruth in Maine Keeper of the Pony Cart

Keeper of the Gazebo from The Anniversary

Bertie D. Keeper of the Anniversary picture painted by the Walton children
Mary Ann Keeper of the Waltons attic (and all things therein)
Jocelin Keeper of the sacrificial love which Olivia and John have for Elizabeth and Jim Bob.  They were willing to keep the calf which the children had raised, rather than take the money which was so needed by the family.
Nicole Keeper of Olivia and Grandma's Cookbooks
Bren I would like to be keeper of the Spinning Wheel and the Song about the spinning wheel that Olivia sang
Patrick Keeper of the Walton family truck
Donna Keeper of Waltons Mountain

Keeper of the ruins of the Walton homestead

Keeper of the Dream House

Robert Keeper of Erin's red hair and freckles
Sharon Keeper of the Waltons Mountain school

Keeper of the Waltons Mountain church

Jayne Keeper of Cindy's red car
Debbie Keeper of the recorder, which Seth (Ron Howard) made, and gave to Jason in The Gift.
Sharon D. Keeper of the Walton's coffee pot
Pat Keeper of Jim Bob's peacock

Keeper of Chance the cow

Pamela Keeper of the Amethyst ring and the vintage purse which Mary Ellen finds in "The Ring"

Keeper of the blue dress that Elizabeth wears in "The Indiscretion"

Christine Keeper of the bird's nest which Mary Ellen puts on the Christmas tree in The Homecoming.
Eileen Keeper of the Waltons front porch.
Wendy Keeper of Grandpa's dungarees, or overalls as we call them here in Australia.
Carolyn Keeper of Rome Walton's diary.
Amy Keeper of the Godsey Mercantile Store.

Keeper of the gas pumps in front of the store.

Jim (in UK) Keeper of the $20 gold coin, given to John Boy by Maggie McKenzie in The Journey.
Sonja Keeper of the box in the attic, with all the family treasures.
Lynn Keeper of the 50 cent piece that John Walton would spin.

Keeper of John's high school reunion party.

Lise B. Keeper of the dulcimer.
Karen 2 Keeper of John Boy's smile.

Keeper of John Boy's mole on his cheek.

Milinda Keeper of Grandma's Quince Jelly Recipe - she sold the jars at Ike's to buy tickets to the Tahiti lecture just before Grandpa had his heart attack.
Olivia (daughter of Milinda) Keeper of the porch swing.
Elizabeth (other daughter of Milinda) Keeper of Jim Bob's duck - Jim Bob Junior.

Keeper of Porthos - the class guinea pig.

Chris Keeper of Grandma's broom.

Keeper of John and Olivia's wedding rings.

Angela & Natalie Keepers of "The Recipe" and the Balwin Recipe Machine.
Beth Keeper of Blue the Waltons mule.

Keeper of the Tyre Swing on the tree near the barn.

Graeme Keeper of the Godsey's Store Petrol Pump.

Linda Keeper of Jim Bob's aviator cap.

Keeper of The Baldwin Sister's Home.

Joe Keeper of the Baldwin sister's self portrait of Papa.

Keeper of Grandma's glasses.

Christine Keeper of the Dew Drop Inn, which had its Grand Opening on her birthday!

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