Behind the Scenes 

What they do... Name... Nickname...
lead guitar,vocals Jared (me) Bunggators
rhythm, vocals Ryan Chinatown
bass, backing vocals Robb
drums, backing vocals Duffy
Jared: Jared has been playing guitar for 4 years. He started on an acoustic guitar and slowly built up to owning 4 guitars and playing complicated pieces. His influences are grunge and alternative.

Ryan: Ryan has been playing guitar for about 6 years. He started before Jared, but did not start as dedicated. Jared taught him many songs and techniques as did a close friend Jason Maple. Ryan is a good guitarist and would be ten times greater if he had the correct equipment. Ryan's influences are mainly punk and any other song he learns.

Robb: Robb just started his first year playing bass and has progressed quickly. Lessons seem to do wonders on a beginning bass player. Robb tried playing guitar, but he was very unsuccessful with it. Robb's influences rely heavily on punk and hard-core.

Duffy: Duffy has been playing drums for about 6 months. He is self-taught and keeps a good, steady beat. He is not the best, but he tries the best. His influences range from punk to rap.

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