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Sparks flew when rock prince met pop princess -Sunday Telegraph (Australia): April 9, 2000
Rock solid romance with Chinese food to go -Daily Telegraph (Australia): April 7, 2000
Winner Takes All -Australian Rolling Stone: April 2000
Roseland Ballroom, NYC -Metal Edge: March 2000

Ballroom Blitz -Australian Rolling Stone: December 1999
The Final Countdown -Juice: December 1999
Rock Bottom -Teen People: November 1999
Storming the Neon Ballroom November 1999
Silver Lining -Who Magazine: October 1999
Havin' a Word -Metal Hammer: October 1999
Q&A = silverchair -Rock Sound: October 1999
silverchair v.s. Insane Clown Posse Poll -Rock Sound: October 1999
Troubled Child -Kerrang!: September 11, 1999
Learning the Ropes -Hit Parader: September 1999

Caught in the Act -Hit Parader: August 1999
Older & Wiser -Hit Parader: July 1999
Graduated from school and heading for the Neon Ballroom -Circus: July 1999
silverchair EdgeFest Articles July, 1999
EdgeFest '99 Concert Review -Barrie, Ont: July 1, 1999
Daniel Speaks -Dolly: June 1999
Male Anorexia -Australian Cosmopolitan: June 1999
Daniel Johns On His Recovery From Depression and Anorexia (part 2) -MTV News 1515: June 14, 1999
Daniel Johns on MTV (part 1) -MTV News 1515: June 11, 1999
silverchair Rockin' the Ballroom -Hit Parader: June 1999
Lighting Up the Neon Ballroom -Metal Edge: June 1999
Emotion Sickness -Australian Rolling Stone: May 1999
Future Rock -Guitar One: May 1999
Neon Nights: Hit Parader, May 1999
Emotional Rescue -Raygun: May 1999
20 Questions with silverchair -Metal Hammer: May 1999
Hot Style -Kerrang!: May 29, 1999
silverchair Sounds Off -Jump: May 1999
True Confessions -Juice: April 1999
Strictly Ballroom -Rock Sound: April 1999
YTV's Artist of the Week -YTV: April 30, 1999
Three lads in the fish bowl -Chart: April 1999
I Was A Teenage Prodigy? -Watch: April 1999
Ben interviewing Daniel: -Recovery: March 1999
"Interview with Daniel Johns" -Toronto Sun: March 18, 1999
"Ana's Song (Open Fire)" -Melbourne Herald Sun: March 17, 1999
"Daniel Discussing Neon Ballroom" -Melbourne Herald Sun: March 4, 1999
Leaning back in the silverchair -Chart: March 1999
Growing Pains -Metal Hammer: March 1999
Growing Up the Hard Way -Kerrang!: March 13 1999
silverchair Concert -Kerrang!: March 13, 1999
Toronto silverchair Concert -Peronal Review: March 20, 1999
Kerrang! Confidential, Daniel Johns -Kerrang!: February 27, 1999
Out! - Kerrangs Roving Eye -Kerrang!: February 20, 1999
silverchair hit London -Kerrang!: January 23, 1999
Aussie trio unveil 'futuristic' style -Kerrang!: January 9, 1999
Triple J Interview with Daniel Johns -Triple J: January 1999

Roo Fighters -Kerrang!: 1997
Born Skippy -Kerrang!: 1997
Behind the Freakshow -Juice: December 1997
Innocent Criminals -Bikini Magazine: June 1997
Daniel's Record Collection -Bikini Magazine: June 1997
Channel V -June 1997
The Last Word -Kerrang!: June 1997
Home and A Wa-Hey! -Kerrang!: June 1997
Freak Speak -Hit Parader: May 1997
The Daniel Johns Interview -Circus: May 1995
10 Stupid Questions-The Kid is Uptight -Entertainment Weekly: February 1997
silverchair Interview -YTV Transcript: February 1997
Day After Toronto I & I - Access Magazine: February 1997

silverchair -'Teen: June 1996

silverchair in the U.K. -Metal Hammer: October 1995
Eating M&M's with silverchair -Addicted to Noise: October 1995
Grounding -Addicted to Noise: October 1995
Daniel Talks (part 2) -Dolly: October 1995
Daniel Talks (part 1) -Dolly: September 1995
The Massive Interrogation -Massive: September 1995
silverchair aims to leap-frog across the Pacific on Epic -Billboard: June 1995

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