AV-98 Ingram Police Robot

The AV-98 Ingram labors were developed when general labors
(large robot vehicles used primarily for construction) began being used
by criminals. The Ingram was a city patrol unit, designed to police
urban areas where labor crimes were most common.

The standard armament for an Ingram is a labor-sized revolver
holstered in the right leg, along with reload rounds. This is generally
sufficient for most routine operations. The labor has its revolver
holstered to enable it to keep both hands free if necessary for added
versatility. However, when anticipating heavy resistance or battles,
the Ingram is also armed with a 90mm shotgun, which must be carried (no
holster), reload rounds are in the left leg. Both weapons have limited
range for robot weapons, both due to the somewhat less advanced
technology, and because the robot was designed for urban patrol. The
Ingram also has a forearm shield for use in parrying energy, railgun
and missile attacks and can be fitted with a larger one (as tall as
itself) if necessary. (125 MDC) Originally the pilot was open to the air
but it has been fit with a pilots compartment and environmentaly sealed.

The Ingram is a relatively cheap robot vehicle. It does not
provide any extra space for passengers, does not carry missiles and
does not have a nuclear power supply. The AV-98 provides firepower
equivalent to that of a heavily armed mercenary, but has much heavier
armor protection. It is believed that a factory or plans for the
Ingram must have been discovered, as they have begun appearing in
several cities that have been becoming more high-tech, despite the
fact that it would probably be more efficient to produce power armor
if the means (facilities, engineers, etc.) were available.

Note: Robot Combat Elite is not necessary/possible for this mecha, a
pilot with Basic Robot Combat can get maximum performance possible
from the Ingram. (it is old and inferior by modern Rifts standards)
The AV-98 gives NO additional attacks or bonuses. (but you need Basic
Combat to operate it)

Crew: One
Class: AV-98

MDC by Location:
Head/Helmet - 100
Arms - 100
Left Forearm Shield - 75
Legs - 150
**Pilots compartment-100
*Main Body - 250

* Depleting shuts the robot down, rendering it useless
**small hard to hit -3 strike on aimed shot

Running: 60 mph maximum
Leaping: 25 ft after a running start (not designed for it)

Statistical Data
Height: 24 ft
Weight: 7.4 tons (fully loaded)
Width: 13 ft
Physical Strength: PS 40 (however can lift up to 2.5 tons!)
Cargo: Room for one rifle
Power System: electric
Range: 1 week per battery (can hold 8) they can recharge at any nuculer or eletrical facility.
Black Market Cost: The Black Market doesn't know where they
are coming from, but they would go for about 5 million credits
(dirt cheap for a robot)

Weapon Systems
1. AV-98 Ingram 37mm Revolver:
Weight: 500 lbs
Mega-Damage: 4D6
Rate of Fire: equal to #attacks per melee, single shots only
Maximum Effective Range: 2000 ft
Payload: 6 shots
Note: +1 to strike

2. AV-98 Ingram 90mm Shotgun:
Weight: 900 lbs
Mega-Damage: 1D6x10
Rate of Fire: equal to #attacks per melee, single shots only
Maximum Effective Range: 2000 ft
Payload: 12 shots

3. AV-98 Ingram Eletro-Baton:
Mega-Damage: 4D6
Can be shortened to half its length when not in use, usually stored
under the left forearm shield.

4. Extendable Hydraulic Hands/Arms:
The hands are connected to a hydraulic system to enable the labor to
draw its revolver from its holster in the lower right leg with maximum
speed. This also enables the pilot to extend the arms for various
other purposes, such as grabbing human-sized individuals. The arms
can extend the full length of the forearm, approximately 6 ft.

Each leg can hold either 12 shotgun or 36 revolver rounds, if the right
leg is also used to holster the revolver, it can only hold 12 revolver
rounds and cannot hold any shotgun rounds.

Damage:Hand To Hand
Restrained Punch: 1D6x10 SDC
Punch: 2D6 MDC
Power Punch: 5D6 MDC
Hydrolic Punch: 1D6x10 MDC
Kick: 2D6 MDC
Power Kick: 4D6 MDC
Jump Kick: 6D6 MDC (knocks down targets 20 ft and smaller)(Ingram also falls)

By Hugh King
HTML Revision By:Acid_Blue

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