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You are slave no: since MoNdAy 9tH DeCeMbEr 1996

This homepage was written so as to enable me to shout my thoughts to the world without anyone stopping and/or arresting me.
just click on the link for different parts of this big machine.

Here are the different degrees of pain:-
  • Finally it's here....Click to go to Marilyn Manson's
    AbBeY oF tHeLeMa.

  • If you're bored of going round in circles on the net and want to find something good go to:
    "Vlad's Corner Of Hell".

  • I decided to soften up this site by adding
    A sWeEt ToOtH pAgE.(NEW! NEW! NEW!)

  • A place to know what I really think about things is
    The Machine. (Don't worry it's not as depressing as it looks)

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    This page is under heavy construction so do not be surprised if you do not find some of the items featured here


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