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Missing and Stolen Horse Webring

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Mission Statement

If you have come here, you must have good reason. We can only
hope that it is to help us spread the word about missing
and stolen horses, but its probably because you have had the
deep down dread and panicked feeling of finding your horse gone...

We're here to try and help. The Internet has made the world a
smaller place by transcending distance and opportunity.
If you have a page included in this webring, please take the time
to trot thru all the links. The horse you find may not be your
own, but it is someone elses who has come here for help too.

There is no breed bias in this webring, and any animal
belonging to the family equus is welcome.

If you are not an unfortunate soul to have had an animal
stolen but want to help anyway, please go to this link, and find out
how you too can help.

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Missing and Stolen Horse Information Sites on the Web


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