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Please help us show support for our Military.
Let's light these candles across America!
Show you support the many guys and gals
which are out there risking their lives
for this country, every day and night
to secure the safety of
our Freedom as we know it.
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May God be with all of them and protect them.

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USMC Woman
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Thank you very much to my Special friend, ScryingEye, for this lovely tag!

I adopted this guardian angel to watch over my Marine.
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Beckie & Tina's TOUCH OF HEAVEN.

She stands a little taller, walks a little straighter. She now posseses the inner strength of a USMC. On December 10,1996 my daughter went to Parris Island,SC for her boot camp. It was here that she embarked on what was for her the biggest challenge of her life. She arrived in the middle of the night on a bus from Charleston SC.

Suddenly the night swarms with shrills of voices from men and women demanding her absolute attention, time was of the essence. Sleep did not come that first night, just an occassional opportunity to put her head down on a desk and wait while other new recruits arrived.

She had to exchange her T-shirt and jeans for a camoflauge jacket and trousers--her heels and sneakers for black combat boots. As she stood ridgedly at attention she wondered, "WHAT AM I DOING HERE?" But because she wanted to be a Marine she spent endless hours learning drill and her body ached, day after day. She made it stronger learning to run, jumping obstacles, climbing up walls, doing the slide for life at the confidence course.

She learned how to fire the M16 rifle. She learned how to camo her face with a new kind of makeup. She gradually learned what the Marines call that "self-confidence." She got in the pit with boxing gloves on and she got hit pretty hard, but she hit back a little bit harder with a tear in her eye. She learned discipline while learning to care for others.

Then came the Cruicible, 54 incredibly long hours which seemed it would never end. She learned about other Marines that had gone before her, those that had given their lives so that hers could be lived in freedom. She gave everything she had to give for her team. She kept on going when her body and her soul wanted to lay down and quit. She learned about God, the Corps, her country and to have faith in her leaders. To hold her head up high with an inner strength that's only found in the challenges she has overcome.

March 10,1997, 13 weeks later, she graduated and for the first time she is now called a MARINE! World please meet my daughter, PFC VERONICA A. DAVIS!


Thanks Fred for this beautiful plaque!
Your family loves you Veronica Davis and we are very proud you earned your title of a USMC.

Please click on image to get one for your loved one you'd like to Honor.

If you have comments or suggestions,

Thank you again SE for this lovely Certificate!

An UPDATE on my daughter! Well it has now been a lil over 6 yrs ago when I first made
this page. My daughter spent her 4 yrs in the Marines and
was out for 2 yrs. She recently re-joined the Military, but
decided to go Army this time. She is now stationed in Korea!

Please look at my POW/MIA page.

Please visit my Memorial pages for my grandson.
This is my daughter Veronica's baby which we
just lost on July 26th, 2002

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