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Going out and hitting the road for the weekend is fun. But when you don't have to follow that road, it gets even better! Off road driving is one of my favorite things to do in vehicles! I don't know if it is the "getting back to nature" or the sheer fun of running a trail but I wouldn't be able to live without it! Even as I type this I think of the fun I had today while I was out looking for that never fished fishing hole. ( Which I didn't find! ) I just wish I had a few more dollars to get more fuel for some more! Well there will be other days! As always, with fun comes responsibility! TREAD Lightly, stay on the trails! Make sure that whatever you take in you take out!

Dodge Ramcharger ( This way to my Truck! )

Dodge T-Rex

Dodge Power Wagon Page

( Coming Soon! ) How To. Cheap Lift (Re-Arc and add leaf)

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