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I do not own any of the images or characters in this document, their purpose is for display only. This site is completely unofficial. The characters and images are owned by Chuck Norris, Norris Productions, Stranglehold Productions, CBS-TV, and other people and companies connected to the show(s). No copyright infringement is intended. This non-profit site is simply intended for entertainment purposes. I am also not connected to the show or anyone in it. Most of the graphics on this site were created by me. Stormfront graphics are based on a Patrick Roy (Colorado Avalanche) poster I own. If you have a problem with any of my site content, please contact me, and I will remove it.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Jimmy Wlcek and Chuck Norris look a lot alike. Are they related?
    No, they are not related at all.

    I've heard rumors about a missing actor from the WTR set and that it's Marco Sanchez. Has he been found? Is he all right?
    The missing actor is NOT Marco Sanchez, who filmed the first episode of SOT as scheduled before Christmas. The missing actor was supposedly one of the cops who appeared in "Lost Boys." Various sources differ, but I've heard that he has been found.

    Jimmy Wlcek and Marco Sanchez are very handsome. Are they married?
    Jimmy is married. Marco is engaged to be married. As for the rest of the cast, I don't know about Shane Meier, but I've heard that Alan Autry is married, and Dawn Maxey, last I knew, was engaged and getting married very soon.

    Does Jimmy Wlcek know martial arts in real life?
    According to an article I found on the web, Jimmy holds a High Orange Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Chuck Norris has also stated in television appearances that he's been having Jimmy work out with his (Chuck's) own trainers, so he's probably bettered his belt.

    Where do I send a letter to one of the actors?
    The address is listed on the Write to the Cast page, along with descriptions (and scans) of the responses I've received.

    Are you Jimmy, Marco, Shane, Alan, Dawn, or Chuck?
    No. I am in no way affiliated with the show. I am just a fan, like everyone else. My only contact with any of the cast has been through the autograph process.

    Your screen captures are cool. How do you make them?
    In June, 1998, I purchased a Snappy Screen Capture device from a nearby Staples. For further information, go to the Official Play Site, home of the Snappy.

Be sure to check all areas of this site before sending me your questions! If the answer to your question can be found on this site, then you will not receive a reply from me, as I receive an AVALANCHE of emails regarding the show and I don't have time to reply to them all. Thanks!

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