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ballIf you're interested here's a bit of Richie'svery much exaggerated and funny. Please read!

By the way, name's Richard. Not that you really care do you? You're just here for the pics!! Well, Roll on the Pics!!

Ummm, sorry about there now being any new pics but I've been pretty busy, exams and working at a law firm and all that! So when I do have the time I will post more babes. If you want to know when then email me just saying so!!!

Still working on it... however with geocities 2meg restriction I'm finding it a bit tough. I've already exceeded it! I could make links to other peoples pictures but that means slower access and all. Instead I've joined the Babely webring. Go to the bottom of the page. If there are any special requests I'll gladly put them up. Thinking of a babe a month page with some special chicks that I can dig up from my 100mb+ arhive. Just a thought :)

hotballOkay, okay, keep your pants on. Here's the Richie's so click away!

Pics by the way...

By the way if there are any ladys who would like to have guys on this homepage email me! Please!

OK, I know there are guys out there who have favourite pics of babes in everything...and nothing!...under the sun. If you would like to see them on this site please email them to me please. Credits given where due!!!

ballCheck out my forms page for some cool stuff!

Please Sign my Guestbook! I just got it up and running again! Sometimes it stuffs up so if this doesn't work try the one below it...Please!

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Visit me mate's page for more Beaudatious Babes. Well...Niki Taylor!

If you're interested in Star Trek then go visit Alex's Homepage

Or how about King's page? I don't know how to describe it. Check it out!

I've got a helluva lot more links however, as usual no time to put 'em up so bear with me and I'll get it up some time!

By the way, if any of my links don't work, please email me saying so!

Click here to find the time in Australia, Victoria, Melbourne.

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