Our Havanese
This is our story about our little Havanese. Her name is Carmella. She was born on Friday, March 1, 2002. We brought her home on Friday, April 26, 2002. She has become a cherised member of our family.

She has sable, brown, cream, and white coloring. She was born with white socks on her back paws and a face mask. But her coloring has changed a lot as she grows. She has lost her socks and her mask has blended with the rest of her face.

The primary intent of this web site is to track her growth and coloring. There is also a links page to other sites dedicated to the Havanese breed and a page listing web rings that you can join and surf.  Most of the links and members of the web rings are breeder sites, but if they are listed on our link page there is also useful background, grooming, care or other interesting information at that site. The second intent of this web site is to make that information readily accessible.

Also, you are welcome to sign the guest book and view comments left by others. If you have your own Havanese web site, you can post the URL there. The third intent of this web site is to provide a place to share.
Our sweet little girl
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