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Park, Cindy - living in West Chester, PA.  Married to Matt Perry.  Received her BFA in Illustration from Moore College of Art and Design.

(Peiffer) McNally, Ginger - living in New York, NY.  Married to Kevin.  Received her BS in Industrial and Labor Relations with a Business minor from Penn State University.  She is the Vice-President of Human Resources for Intermix in New York, NY.  (updated 8/5/08)

(Pennington) Stover, Theresa - living in Bellefonte.  Married to Timothy.  Has three children:  Timmy (19), Tosha (17) and Tucker (8).  She is an Office Manager for Wetzler Funeral Service in Bellefonte.  (updated 9/16/07)

Poorman, Bryan - living in Lock Haven.  married to Karen.  He owns Poorman's Retaining Wall System and Landscaping.

Poorman, Jim - living in Howard.  Married to Diana Myers.

Poorman, William - living in Bellefonte.

Praschunus, Robert - living in Bellefonte.

Ranio, Christopher - living in Howard.

Reed, Carey - living in State College.

(Reed) Tice, Sheila
- living in Bellefonte.

Reese, Andy - living in Bellefonte.

(Reese) Copus, Jennifer
- living in Media, PA.  Married to Tom.  Has two children:  Taylor (15) and Nathan (9).  She is an ELL Coordinator for the Delaware County Intermediate Unit in Morton, PA.  In July 2007, she completed the Women's Philadelphia Triathlon - her third triathlon in two years. (updated 9/8/07)

Regel, Bob - living in Bellefonte.  Married to Shelly.  Has one child:  MaKayla.

(Reichenbaugh) Roberts, Sarah - living in Maryland.

Rider, Clint
- living in Lititz, PA.

Rightnour, Bradley - living in Mingoville.

Riley, Joseph - living in Bellefonte.

Rimmey, Susan - living in Mingoville.

(Ripka) Irvin, Carrie - living in Howard.  Married Timothy.  Attended South Hills Business School.  She is an Administrative Assistant/Manager of Think Cellular in State College.

(Ripka) Gilbert, Lucinda
- living in Rebersburg, PA.

Ritter, Greg - living in Bellefonte.

Roan, Jonathan - living in Howard.

(Roan) Lucas, Wendy - living in Bellefonte.

Robinson, Alan "George" - living in Bellefonte.

Rose, Brian - living in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Married to Deborah.  Has two children:  Dominic (age 3) and Dante (age 1).  He is a Claims Manager.  Special Accomplishment:  "Survived a great white attack off the coast of South Africa."  (updated 8/5/08)

Rose, Peter - living in Bellefonte.

Rosefsky, Douglas - living in Bellefonte.

(Rossman) Shawley, Candy - living in Bellefonte.

Rudy, Curtis
- living in Howard.

Rudy, Verna
- living in Bellefonte.

(Russell) Hughes, Diane
- living in Bellefonte.

Schoch, Joe - living in Bellefonte.  Married to Jennifer.  Has two children:  Taylor (9) and Lindsay (8).  He is an Engineer for Verizon in State College. (updated 11/27/07)

Schrack, Robert
- living in New York.

Schuster, Jeffrey
- living in Howard

(Shawver) Smith, Cheryl - living in Pleasant Gap.

Shomo, Jeffrey - living in Bellefonte.

Shuey, Brian
- living in Pleasant Gap.  Married to Michelle.  Has one child:  Amber.  Works at Big John Corporation in Pleasant Gap.

Shuey, Bryan

(Shuey) Armet, Jennifer - living in Massachussetts.  Married to David.  Has two children:  Zachary and Zoe.  Received her BS in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in 1991.  She owns and is a Physical Therapist at Williamstown Physical Therpay, Inc. in Williamstown, MA.  Both she and her husband spent several years working as PTs in NYC and Denver, CO.  They opened their private practice in MA in 2000 and have been busy expanding an outpatient PT Clinic.  (updated 1/3/08)

(Shuey) Harter-Persing, Stephanie - living in Bellefonte.  Married to Gary Persing.  Has four children:  Tasia Jade McMath, Lake Reed Harter, Ian Shawn Persing and Evan Quad Persing.  She is a Staff Assistant at Penn State University - Conferences and Institutes at University Park.

(Shuey) Miller, Tracy
- living in Lancaster, PA.  She is a Dental Hygienist. (updated 8/5/08)

(Shutica) Ray, Tracy - living in Bellefonte.  Married to Joe Ray (BAHS '88?).  Received her AS in Health Information Management.  She is employed by Penn State University at University Park.

Sieg, Doug - living in Bellefonte.

Sim, Daniel - living in VA.

(Small) Yoder, Jennifer - living in Spring Mills.

Smead, Chris - living in Bellefonte.

Smith, Steve
- living in Bellefonte.

(Snedeker) Capparelle, Dana - living in Bellefonte.

Solt, Lee Ann - living in Florida.  Married to Andre Cinnamon.  Received her BS from Penn State University, a BS in Dietetics and Nutrition from FIU and her MPh in Epidemiology fromo FIU.  She is a District Sales Manager for King Pharmaceuticals.  She was very fortunate this year when her company was bought out and she was able spend the summer with her boyfriend in Europe and get married in London. He just recently relocated from London to Florida where they plan to live and start their family. (updated 9/11/07)

St. Clair, Jerrod
- living in Pleasant Gap.

(St. Clair) Hockenberry, Jill - living in Pleasant Gap.

(Stine) Royer, Sharon - living in Howard.  Married Sam in 1989.  Has two children:  Chelsea Lynne (b. 12/92) and Evan Wayne  (b. 6/95).  She is the Municipal Secretary/Treasurer for Benner Township. (updated 9/24/07)

Stevens, Leigh - living in Oregon.

(Stringer) Ivicic, Jill - living in Bellefonte.  Married to Stephen.  Has two children:  Allison (4) and Stephen (4).  Received her Associates Degree in Accounting.  She is an Assistant Student Aid Coordinator at Penn State University in University Park. (updated 11/27/07)

(Strouse) Confer, Sharon
- living in State College.

Strunk, Craig - living in Howard.

(Surovec) Himmelberger, Bernadette
- living in Sinking Spring, PA.  Married to Darin.  Has two children:  Emily (age 5) and a stepson, Ethan (age 11).  She received her BS from Penn State University and is a teacher at Northeast Middle School in Reading, PA.  (updated 8/5/08)

(Surovec) McCloskey, Jacqueline
- living in Bellefonte.  Married to Chad.  Has one child:  Allison (15).  She is a waitress at Jim's Italian Cuisine in Bellefonte.
(updated 9/8/07)
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