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Welcome to my Trading Place

I am no expert at website design, so I haven't updated my webpage since I had someone design it for me in 2003. This page contains about 80% of my collection and will give you a good idea of what I've got, but email me if you are interested in a trade and would like my updated lists. I’m kinda mellowing on trading, so unless you have something on my wish list, I’m probably not into trading. But if you see something rare, and you really really want it, feel free to send your list or URL for my review. I’m not doing B&P’s at this time.

If we start corresponding for a trade, I find it’s very helpful if we always include
prior correspondence whenever responding. I’m an honest trader and a strict grader; you’ll be happy with anything B+ or up. For anything B or lower, I’d suggest you look around, and only request if it seems very rare. I have setlists available for some selections, which are hyperlinked/at the bottom of the page. If you’re too busy to get discs out within 10 days, let me know and we can trade some other time.

I do not sell discs, and I do not wish to violate copyright laws. I do not trade music that is currently commercially available. Most of the bands on this list openly permit trading of live shows and other rarities; I know of no artists who have posted blanket prohibitions against rare tape trading. By trading with me, you are acknowledging that I am not violating copyright laws, and that my dubbing is a fair use of the taped material. (I got a “C” in copyright law; are there any copyright lawyers who want to
comment on my disclaimer?)

I'm always looking for very high quality video or audio of any Duane Allman, Stevie Ray
Video wanted:

  • Dead Soldiers 7/94
  • full sets of video of Isle of Wight (if it exists - Doors,
    Van M, ELP, Jethro Tull)
  • Atlanta Pop (was the Allmans set filmed?)
  • Page/Plant '98 tour (pro shot)
  • 50’s rock (Go Johnny Go, Ed Sullivan, American
  • Louis Jordan
  • Louis Prima
  • Django Reinhard
  • a Pearl Jam TV compilation
  • also any video of Disney or Dr. Suess plays (I'm graduating
    from Rock to the doc)
  • Seeking “Sixth Sense” TV show episodes
  • Also, if you know of any good traders specializing in Stevie Ray or Duane, please let me know.
  • I am also seeking Christmas music by any of the artists in my list.
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