This is a picture of my favorite Z and is currently the only one in an operable condition though I have a couple of more to fix up.  I have a story page of how I came to acquire this beautiful n/a 1981 280ZX.
     If you are visiting this site, it is probably because you too have at least one and probably more than one Z car. (or I directed you here)

I am a member of the Rochester New York Z Car Club and have been become very interested in maintaining the old line of Z's, a line that gets longer in '03 with the "350Z".

     I am a 36 year old attorney, married and living in my home town of Hornell, New York with my wife and two children.  Hornell is located about one-hour due South of Rochester, NY and two-hours due West from Binghamton, New York just off Interstate 86 in the Southern Tier of New York.
     I became interested in Z's and Nissan back in the late 80's, early 90's while I was attending IMSA races at nearby Watkins Glen, NY.  The red, white and blue GTP's got your blood boiling instantly when you heard them zip through the gears.  You can still see them in the Historic Races and on a great number of websites.  The Nissan's dominated their class in the IMSA years of sports car prototype.
     In 1998, I sadly inherited a 280ZX which remains on Long Island.  I planned to and did buy a donor car to rebuild the car up here in Hornell.  While the plans were "gelling", I came across this showcase 1981 280ZX which has taken the last two years to get together the way it once was.  It was purchased at a nearby salvage dealer after coming from Gettysburg, PA where it was assembled down there after 3 years of painstaking work. Shortly after it was in mint condition, it was wrecked when driven too close to a culvert with a hot drink in a lap. I am very pleased with it's performance and for 20 years old it still turns heads when driven on sunny, dry days.

In 2004 I am the president of the Hornell Kiwanis and we will be taking over the 26th Annual CARS car show at Kanakadea Park at Almond Lake.  This and about 400 other car nuts will be at the Father's Day show on June 15, 2004.  Hope to see you there.

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