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Hi and welcome to my little corner of the Web! You will find some good computer information here and a little something for everyone. You won't find anything too complicated or too technical on this site. I don't want to feel responsible for someone's computer having a flat tire or, heaven forbid, the transmission locking up. This is simple, general computer information geared mostly for novices and intermediate level users. Please come by often for updates to this site. I hope you find something that will help you here and thank you so much for visiting.

Computer Q & A - Check here for some computer questions and answers you may have wondered about, such as; how to keep your husband/wife/children/etc. from seeing your personal files, how to bring up Windows Explorer faster, how to change the font and colors in Windows, and how to increase the recording time in Sound Recorder.

Computer Tips - This page has lots of good tips and how-tos for Windows and Internet Explorer. For example; how to repair Internet Explorer, stop jerky page loading, how to add the "Print Directory" feature to Windows, and much more.

Links A to L - Some good Web sites I have found to get the information you need on the Internet.

Links M to Z - Page two of Web sites on the Internet to find good information you may need on a variety of subjects.

Fun Page - This page is just for fun. It has a "love" test for you to try, a funny mystery madlib story for you to create, a curse bot to make you laugh, plus a Breakout game for you to play.

Winamp Tutorial - A great tutorial here, including screen shots, on how to turn mp3s into wavs using Winamp. After you do this tutorial, you'll find that your music files (wavs) are much, much smaller, and best of all, they'll sound just as good as the original mp3s.

WTC Tribute - A tribute page to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon because of the devastation on September 11, 2001.

9 - 11 Disaster - A disaster information page. Go here to find information on bin Laden, the Al Qaeda, anthrax and more.

9 - 11 Poem - An original poem written by me as a prayer because of the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001.

Memorial - A memorial page for the September 11 victims and a special tribute to Captain Daniel Brethel, firefighter. Check this page to find out how to adopt a victim for your site.

Go Dublin Irish! - For all Dublin High school classmates from 1960 - 1970, check this page for our Mega Reunion group class photos that were made in front of the old DHS.

Great Midis - This page has midis for you to download and includes lyrics and file details.

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