For information about the Portuguese Water Dog and a video clip, click on the link below.
American Kennel Club
PWDs do not shed.  Their hair just keeps growing and growing, like human hair.  Because they don't shed, PWDs need to be groomed and clipped regularily.  This prevents knots and mats from forming.  There are a couple of ways that PWD Show Dogs are shown.   In Canada and the US, the Portuguese Water Dogs are shown with the Lion Clip or the Working Retriever Clip.  In Europe and Australia, the PWD is only shown in the Lion Clip.  Although the Lion Clip may look unusual to some people, it did serve a purpose.  When a PWD was working on fishing boats in Portugal, the fisherman clipped the fur very short on the back legs so the dogs could  move more easily and strongly in the water.  The front fur on the front legs were not clipped so that the dogs would not get a cold shock when they first dived into the ocean.   The unclipped fur on the front legs and abdomen area kept the dogs warm while they swam for long periods of time.  The PWD was considered a crew mate on the Portuguese Fishing Boats.
Chanty with a Working Retriever Clip
Chanty with a Traditional Lion Clip
Captain Columbus from Armada's Portuguese Water Dogs
Left picture: Lion Clip and Right picture: with a Working Retriever Clip
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