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Deep Waters is a site about life, living and love through the eyes and ears of Michael David Coffey. It deals with transformation, regeneration, rebirth, discovery and the spiritual connection. There are various themes: romantic love, eroticism, life's journey, the soul. It concerns itself with discovery in Ecuador searching for wild tomatoes, Bulgarian art and poetry, Russian culture-old and new, the Amazon, Brazil, the islands of Boracay and Palawan in the Sulu Sea. It looks at Ireland and the Great Famine. It describes the art and science of Plant Pathology, a profession born out of the misery of disease and starvation caused by the Irish Famine. Above all it is a site concerned with Shadows, Regeneration, Enlightenment, Celebration of Life and Deep Waters.

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Deep Waters

Dark stillness in somber sadness
Deep reflections in loneliness
Among nature's surroundings
Faltering, weary, at the
crossroads in this vale of sobriety
A deep dark passion kindled
My mind calm, yet flooded with
dark perplexing  images
A deathly beauty here in my mind
Thoughts of lofty things intermingled
with desires, simple pleasures
Making love on the damp grass
Collecting bouquets of flowers
Yet loftier ideals come creeping in
Compelling me to think of poetry,
writing, deep in my soul
Searching for  meaning, reality  
The interconnection of seemingly 
disparate visions, embracing
An all encompassing vista
of nature and spirituality
Here in this dark, beautiful place
Quiet now and relaxed
Deep Waters

1998 Copyright
Michael David Coffey

Painting: By the Whirlpool (Deep Waters), 1892, by Isaak Levitan (1860-1900)

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