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Their proper name is "Striped Bass", but in North Carolina you
will more often hear them called "Rockfish" or just "Rock". No matter
what you call them, they are just plain fun to catch on light tackle.
There is a tremendous population of rockfish in the sounds of Eastern
North Carolina and they can be caught there in any month of the year,
but I want to tell you about a special time and place that has fishing
so spectacular that you will hardly believe it.

My name is Jim Clark and I grew up in the little town of
Weldon, on the Roanoke River, in eastern North Carolina.
Since time began, rockfish have migrated from the coastal
sounds up the Roanoke to spawn in April and May and I started
fishing for them when I was just a young boy. Do I long for the
good old days?No way!! The river was muddy, polluted, and
commercially overfished. I was lucky to catch 4 or 5 fish in an
afternoon after school.

The good days are now. The Roanoke is a tremendous environmental success story. The dams upstream settle out the mud, the industrial and municipal pollution has been cleaned up, commercial netting has been outlawed and the rockfish are here in huge numbers. Catches of 200 fish per day on bait are not unusual and in past years, I have had days with catches of 100+ on a flyrod using streamers.

Attention Fly Fishermen

Although I will guide you with any type of light tackle, fly tackle is my personal favorite. I know of no other place in the fishing world where you are as likely to catch as many fish in a day of fly casting as you are in the Roanoke. If you have never fly fished, I will try to teach you. If you can cast, but have only fished for panfish, this is the place  to broaden your experience. If you are an experienced fly fisherman,you will have a ball. Some mornings and late afternoons, the topwater action can be furious and when the sun hits the water, the sinking lines and clousers generally keep right on producing.

The fish start arriving around the first week in April and the peak
fishing usually occurs during the first 3 weeks in May. I am now booking
trips for the 2007-2008 season.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Software, you can view a guide for Roanoke striper fishing.

If you are interested in some great fall and winter rock fishing,
keep reading!

These same great schools of fish which spawn in the Roanoke drop back to the coastal sounds for the remainder of the year and I schedule some trips for them in the fall and winter. On a November trip, I had the pleasure of guiding Captain Jack West for 3 days of striper fishing on Croatan Sound. We boated a total of 84 fish, mostly on flyrods, and had some nice ones. That's Cap'n Jack with the big grin and big fish!.

For more information, contact:
Jim Clark

(434)246-5431 or (804)586-4411


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