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About This Site

This is the layout I created. I went through alot of layouts to get this one. So I'm going to stick to it. Hopefully! I was thinking about changing it a little recently since it has been more than a year now.

If you want to see anime or manga layouts you will need to visit the studio. This site is primarily for anime/manga info, contests, etc. linkage.


07.01.08 - I've decided that having individual websites are annoying. I just like to design them, not keep up with them and all the information that goes with them. I do love to have some sites with images, info, etc. But I'm limiting myself to a very few. As for the archives, I've decided to just create cool looking backgrounds like in the old days ^_^ and use a simple page to display the images or I used a web gallery creator (cheap and easy).

03.06.07 - I had to redo every website because I deleted my harddrive, I was only able to keep my original layouts. So updates will be far and few inbetween. I've also updated this site and soon I'll be getting my domain name back, so things will be different. So bare with me. Thanks!!!

10.27.06 - Currently I just added Aishiteruze Baby & Spiral Galleries to the site

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