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Steve's Video Game Site
   Hey video game fans out there, welcome to the least visited site on the web (besides Gary Coleman's porno page, yeach). 

    For those of you first timers, this is my cheezy fan site with various parts dedicated to various...things.  Uh, yeah, that sounds good.  Anywho, just check the directory to the right for the different sections.

    If you've been here before, and are returning of your own free will, I love you.  Send me an e-mail with your address and I shall send you fine wines, meats, and cheeses.

    OK, soon I will set up the Anime section (promise!), but it came as a cost: No more Roms or Emulators.  I know thats the only reason some came, but oh well.  (There goes my fan base of one person).  The site will get better, I promise...

                               - Steve (srs_705614@yahoo.com)
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