Vote Snuffles President 2004
Rodentican Party Candidate
R.I.P. Snuffles Hain
6/26/01 - 12/07/03
He lived a full and happy life, though all too short.
"I want your vote, not your money stuff!" says Snuffles.
Snuffles, speaking to his R.A.T. friends on the loss of loved ones:
"...reminding (the humans) that their rats waiting at The Rainbow Bridge for them to come to get them and be taking them to Heaven to be meeting God, like we will be waiting when we are having to be going to The Bridge too.  So everything is being OK. Snuffles is always wondering why it is that we rats are knowing it is being OK and the humans are not seeming to be knowing this.  Do you think that maybe it is because humans are living too long?"
Snuffles Hain is a 59 rat year-old berkshire fancy rat.  (That's 29 months in human.)  Born in Maryland, he currently lives in Arizona with his human Diane.  Snuffles enjoys TV (his favorite show is "Leave it to Beaver"), chewing Nylabones, playing in colored shredinged papers, and road trips.  His favorite foods are broccoli, corn, crunchies, apples, lettuce, carrots, watermelon, yoggies, nuts, cheese, chips, banana, green beans, potato, tomato, grapes, Goldfish crackers, seeds, coconut, tuna, pasta, and just about anything else you can imagine.  READ SNUFFLES' BIO>>>
Snuffles believes that all living beings should have equal rights and live together in peace and harmony and share everything.  He does not believe in separation of species.  Snuffles promises to end all homelessness and hunger by having everyone share everything. 

He promises to end war by stopping all fighting and getting rid of the real enemy - airplanes.  Snuffles has seen the truth, and it is that airplanes are the true terrorists who have attacked the humans and murdered them time and again.  Snuffles promises to rid the world of this diabolical threat! 

But most importantly, Snuffles promises to change the laws so that rats, dogs, cats, horses, birds (except rat-eating owls), reptiles (except rat-eating snakes), fish, humans, and all other living beings will have equal rights.  "Only inanimate objects are being property!" says Snuffles, and he pledges to change the law to make that so - true freedom for all!
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