Welcome to my Christmas links. When I was a young girl, I loved Christmas. It was my favorite holiday. Spending time with my sisters and my brother out in the snow, making snowmen, having snowball fights, trimming the tree, and unwrapping presents. Those things are all so much more fun with a family who loves and cares for you. I still remember those days fondly, and Christmas is still my favorite holiday. You will find links to some other Christmas pages and sites down below. They all bring thoughts of warmer, family times spent during the holidays. I've listed them in a random order, because by the time I got to this page, I was tired of being so picky about where things should be. hehe I hope you'll enjoy them as I have, and remember to show love to your family this Christmas. Tell them hello from me! =)



All about Jesus, Christmas Celebration

All hearts come home for Christmas


Operation Christmas Child


Mysterious Wolfe's Christmas Pages

Honey Bunches Holiday Pages

Mom's Christmas Pages

Peggy's Place for Christmas

Lissa's Christmas Pages

Mo's Christmas Pages

Annie's Help for Those Who Are Grieving Over the Holidays

Fun Interactive Christmas Page

Build A Snowman

Virtual Christmas in Finland

Christmas in Sweden

Free Christmas Screen Savers

Happy Holiday Desktop Themes from Tucows

Blue Mountain Virtual Christmas Greeting Cards

123 Greetings Virtual Christmas Greeting Cards

Virtual Online Christmas Recipe Greeting Cards

A Victorian Christmas

Christmas Stories and Poems

This is my favorite holiday site. It's a webring for the It's a Wonderful Life movie. Once you are there, you can go click on "next site" and see them all one after the other, or you can click on the phrase "list sites" and see a list of all of the sites that are a part of that webring. Please go see it. You'll enjoy yourself.

Thank you Digri's Eclectic World

Thank you Barbara, and Holidays and Celebrations.

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