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Our Mission in West Michigan:

To operate a public radio station in the community interest by programming a cohesive blend of alternative music forms, ideas and cultures.

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No further updates on the Original Homepage...

The webmaster has left the WYCE fold and is involved in other independent projects, and so further updates to this website will not occur. Please feel free to tune in to 'YCE for the newest in concert events and West Michigan interests, or visit the official site at

New Look to WWW.WYCE.ORG!

Happy Lizard Productions have at long last made a 2001 Update to Be sure to check it out! Online Radio, new and upcoming events, an online listener survey, and much more await you!

Fast Forward Newsletter Archives.

We spent hours and hours creating the HTML versions of the old WYCE newsletters. At this point, WYCE, GR-TV, and other Grand Rapids Community Media Center affiliates share the same mailings for the most part, and we will continue to provide the Newsletter Archives as a retrospective look into the past. WYCE, after all, has grown from a small-time operation in a metal-roofed shack into a multi-city professional organization. Take a look into the archives and see!

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