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Hi. My name is Kono, but my mom calls me Kono Pie because she thinks I'm such a sweetie pie.   I'm a Norwegian Elkhound.   I am a lucky dog who lives with my mom in the rural mountainous west located on the eastern flank of the North Cascades.   As you can see, I am a very handsome fellow.   This is a picture of me after a bath at eight years old.

Mom says I am a Chunky Monkey…I don't know if she is insulting me when she says this or teasing me just because I love Ben & Jerry's ice cream.   Could you find out and let me know?

Mom says I have to work for my bisquits, so she appointed me 'Head of Household Security'.   I use my keen sense of smell to alert me to changes in the environment surrounding our home.   I also have excellent hearing, and this photo shows me alert and ready to defend the house after a noise warned me of potential danger.

Kia and Kono This is me and my sister, Kia, who is on the left.   Mom made this great pallet for us so that we could sit comfortably and look out of the window.   The pallett enhances our ability to perform our jobs as "head of security".   Aren't we a pretty pair? Kia, a.k.a. Little Houdini, had a disappearing act.   One day Kia disappeared and never came back.   At first Mom and I were very sad.   But after that we grew much closer and developed a very strong bond.   This was Kia's loss, as I have a great life with Mom.
Snow Bunny

Mom calls me her "Funny Honey the Snow Bunny"!   Mom rescued Kia and I from a couple who were moving to Hawaii, which is no place for an elkhound.   Where the snow goes, I go!   Mom and I live where snow is on the ground for 4 months of the year…more if we head into the high country in the spring!

Mom and I have a lot in Lookoutcommon because we both love to go for long hikes in the hills. Here I am at 7,000 foot Goat Peak. I caught the Fire Lookout sleeping on the job! Naturally, I took over guard duty! Mom says if we are ever short on cash that she will attach this photo to a job application with the Forest Service for me to be Fire Lookout.

After a hard day's work a guy is entitled to a little sleep. Here I am clinging to my rapidly-disappearing snow bank on my day off. It's a veritable doggy "chill pill"!

Comfy Bed
I made up this cute song to the tune of "On Top of Old Smoky". Follow the bouncing bisquit and sing along:

On top of my snow bank, all covered with frost
I dreamed of a moose bone, that some hunter tossed
It shone in the moonlight, it gleamed in the sun
Then sadly I woke up, and my bone was gone!

Flower Sniffer No one can see me
In the spring Mom & I head for the hills to enjoy the wildflowers. Okay, Mom enjoys the wildflowers, and I enjoy the many good smells I find on the trail. Here I am by Skyrockets on the left and Arrow-leafed balsamroot on the right.

Kono with Friends
Sometimes Mom and I go for backpacks with friends in the Pasayten Wildnerness near the Canadian Border. Mom made me carry my own backpack to hold my food and bisquits. Gosh, how much could they weigh that she couldn't carry them herself! I like the smells of the wilderness, but this pack certainly slowed me down!

Mom and I have this nightly ritual. bed hog She comes to find me outside, and says, "Kono, biscuits and bed!" She knows this gets me to come running. I get two huge Vitabone Dog Biscuits each day. When mom serves me biscuits, she wishes me "Bon Appetit"! Get it??? Bon (bone) Appetit? (A little humor between me and Mom)!!! After I've eaten my bisquit, I race to the bedroom to try to beat mom to the best part of the bed. She says I'm a bed hog, but she loves it!!

Another part of this ritual is cuddling in bed with Mom. She often pets me and looks lovingly into my eyes. She usually tells me I am the goodest, sweetest, kindest, handsomest dog in the world. This is very reassuring because I know my Mom loves dogs, and I worry that other dogs will vie for her attentions.

guarding Usually when I sit on my snow bank, I face OUTSIDE to the road to watch for intruders or that mean dog next door, Bandit. Bandit is a good name for a mean dog, huh? I make sure I bark up a storm when he drives by in his dad's pickup truck. Usually Bandit is showing off his balancing skills while perched atop four rows of hay bales in a moving truck.hmmmmm

Bandit is a blue heeler mix, which is a cattle dog. But if he's such a good cattle dog, why are those cows always on the wrong side of the fence? He thinks he's so cool, but I'M the cool one on top of my snow bank!

Mom thought I was especially cute this day because I was facing INSIDE the house. More specifically, I was facing the kitchen. Even MORE specifically…this bowl of pasta!! This should be no surprise to y'all because elkhounds are reputed for their "excellent supervisory skills in the kitchen".

That's me… a cutie patootie and a sleeping beauty! Mom says I am the luckiest dog because I have my very own couch. Sleeping Beauty
ah ah achooooo! "Oooh, yesss, that's the spot!" Whenever I roll on my back, I sneeze, and Mom laughs and calls me her Funny Honey.
In between my rounds as head of security, I usually curl up on my blankie and pillow by the back door or sit under the apple tree. The grass under the apple tree is especially soft and feels nice on my belly. This is also THE perfect vantage point to guard both the front and back of our house. head of security
me & mom This is me and my mom outside the W.S.U. Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Pullman, Washington, otherwise known as WAZZU (Go Cougs!). I'm almost 13 ˝ here. The people who tended to me here were very caring, but I can't say I enjoyed my stay. Notice that both Mom and I have huge smiles on our faces as we joyfully reunited after a six-day separation. Mom's face always lights up like this when she sees me; I think it's something called 'love'.
Thanks to all of you who have visited our web site. Woof Da to you and yours,

Mom and Kono

This page is dedicated to the memory of Sweet Kono Pie, who left this world for a heavenly place on June 4, 1999.

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