Why the White Background?

Welcome to the 'Shroom Room! We 'Shrooms are a wild and crazy bunch who love to have fun fun fun!!! And we love to meet new people and make friends. See we 'Shrooms make friends for life, that means we will be friends forever!

We had to leave our flower meadow and now we are looking for a new home! Would you like to adopt one of us? You get to pick whichever color you want, we come in many many colors! We're like a rainbow!!

Just like you all 'Shrooms have their very own personality, some are playful, goofy, grumpy, sad and happy

It takes a very special person to adopt one of us. We will only go to homes that are friendly and safe! So, if you have a home like that and want to adopt one of us then go right ahead!




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