On the Riverbank
I can't belive this but it has been 5 years since I wrote a Janeway and Chakotay Story. I have been preoccupied with Imzadi stories instead. Now I used to have a different page but most of the links are lost so I am posting them here in txt format. Please read and review author's need feedback to keep them writing. My previous page was www.geocities.com/stvstories_2000. I edited the  links that  weren't broken.
Summery's to Singls Stories
Cradle and All Christmas as One
Family Matters Series
Letting Go
Breath of Heaven
I will Always Love You
There You'll Be Valentine Going Home
I Volunteer
One Voice Palomino
Always There
Recapture the Dream The River and the Highway
Lullaby in Blue Aces
Daddy Can You Hear Me? The Hert Won't Lie The Gift of Love Carousal of Time
Home Ain't Where His Heart Is Anymore
Works in Progress:
My Lullaby
A Delicate Balance
One of Us Inherit the Wind
The Legacy
Anywhere I Go
It Takes Two
The Distance Between
Safe Harbor Angel Baby Summerís  End
Summery to Series Stories
Anywhere I Go Series
1. In a Perfect World 
2. To Face the World Alone
3. Love Will Find a Way   

Echoes Series
1. Through My Eyes
2. Wingís
3.  On My Way
Never Turn Away Series
1. Spirit of Life
2. Under the Sun
3. He Lives in You
Endless Love Series
1. Chances Are
2. Real Love
3. Side by Side
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Background belongs to Gilly unfortuneatley I wasn't able to contact her so Gilly if you read this thanks.
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