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This page deals with Final Fantasy VII and soon Final Fantasy VIII, video games and Eiffel 65 (well there's a link to my Eiffel 65 page). This website is kid friendly and hey for us 20 something's out there it's friendly for us too! Like we don't play video games. =:)

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So how is everyone doing? I'm doing great. Courtney has told me that there is a new Final Fantasy Movie coming out and the information on it can be found here: Final Fantasy Movie My friend Berserkjedi is selling some of his awesome Star Wars figures for some pretty cool prices. Go to EBAY to check them out. Search under his name "berserkjedi" and you should get all the goods he's selling. He's a great person and hasn't ripped me off yet! *LOL* Hey don't start now Berserkjedi! I'm still working on the code page so I will have more up soon. Please be patient. I now also belong to a new webring so check it out down below if you have the chance. I have a friend named Courtney who is a pretty awesome writer. I've put Courtney's story up in the fanfiction section, so I suggest you all take a look at it! It's pretty darn cool. Part three of her story will be coming shortly. There are some new links to some cool pages down below. I put up an Eiffel 65 page too and have now fixed all the problems with loading. Yippeee. Thanks to a friend's help. :) Please also note that I can be reached at this e-mail address too. solidsnake49@yahoo.com Well gotta run for now. See you all around soon! I'm blue da ba de da ba die.....


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DARK JEDI'S REALM (He's selling stuff on EBAY under the name berserkjedi)

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