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March 3, 2001
Pictures from our front yard
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2000 Pictures
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April 3, 2001
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April 28, 2001
May 28, 2001
June 10, 2001
July 7, 2001
July 29, 2001
August 25, 2001
Before & After
September 18, 2001
National Parks
October 24, 2001
November 10, 2001
November 22, 2001
Scott's Gardenpage
Update!!!! Big news, this site will be moving.  I'm hoping to have a new and improved site up by April 2002.  I've registered my own domain and I've bought a brand new digital camera so I'm hoping to have some hot gardening action up and running on the new site in the near future.  I'll post more information as it becomes available, thank you for your support.
2002 Updates
January 21, 2002: Pictures on some of my evergreens, pansys and violias.  Also see my top secret method for preparing a garden bed for the spring plantings.
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