I gaze into her eyes,
like cool, pure sea's,
I plunge deeper,
Hoping to find her views and thoughts,
But it's no surprise,
These things I'll never find,
Our paths will never cross,
My mind holds the key to another realm,
A place where I can dream.....

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10/05/07 OK I know it's been years since an update (literally) but I have fround no news or pics on Ru to share, if you have any let me know!
If you are bored enough that you want to know more about me check out my Bebo or MySpace pages.
13/03/02 Added some captures of Ru from moby's natural blue video to gallery. Changed site entrance a bit, let me know what you think.
11/03/02 Just noticed Ru'sofficial site is down!! It will be mised greatly, I nearly cried...
07/09/01 Added some more pictures to the gallery section.

Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at a web page so I am afraid you will have to be patient as I slowly learn how to improve it. I am not obsessed with Fairuza......hell who am I kidding!......okay maybe I am, but we all need our dreams to help us through life, Ru happens to be mine.
Please feel free to e-mail me with any good points, bad points, suggestions etc. I need all the help I can get! To e-mail me, please write to scavenger0-NoSpam!-@btinternet.com (don't include the -NoSpam!- when emailing me tho!) I have put a guest book in below, so you can put your views there if you want.
Sorry guy's I've been changing things around again! Hopefully for the better. I'm currently into Farscape, Buffy, Paganism, My Ruin, Alanis, Manson, etc. So If you are making a site and we have similar interests then I would love to change links :) us newbies have got to stick together...
Follow the links above to take you to the various areas of the site, if you have any trouble browsing here give me a hefty slap and some cucumber....
If anyone has any info, pictures or articles on Ru I could have please send them to me. I will include your name if I use them thanks.

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