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Letters From Santa are very special and as the holiday season grows near and people all around the world are starting to prepare for all the joys that the holidays bring, one person has been preparing since last December, Santa Claus. Yes, dear ol' Santa has been busy at work, as everyone knows, assembling toys and constantly making change to that famous list.

After Thanksgiving, is when things really get busy up at the North Pole. Santa and his crew of elves have less than a month to complete all the toys and gifts and get them ready for the big day, or shall I say night, Christmas Eve. Yes, there is no doubt no one works harder than Santa.

Even though Santa is very busy this time of year, there is one thing he especially looks forward to, writing letters to all the good little boys and girls. Santa sits down at his desk every evening after dinner and takes out his special pen and starts writing.

Give a child the joy of receiving a personalized letter from Santa Claus this season! Each letter from Santa is professionally printed and is very personalized to your child. We do not use Santa letter templates. Each child is thought about and the information reviewed to give your child the most personalized Santa letter. For families with multiple children we design a different personalized letter with connections to their siblings and individualized just for them. What a beautiful gift this season.

If you would like to receive a last minute personalized message to your child from Santa via email just click on the order link on the left hand side of the page and in the Personalized Santa Letter Order Form will be a button to order your email message. We will send a personalized email to your child for $2.00. Your child may read the email or you can print the message on Christmas paper for your child to keep. We can also email you a personalized message from Santa to leave under the Christmas tree for your child Christmas morning.

Thank you for visiting Santa's mailroom connection today.
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Track Santa Claus FREE as he makes his trip around the world. Check out NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) the military sky watch, prepare for Santa's trip December 2008. Be sure to check back here on Christmas Eve and watch Santa make his way around the world!




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