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Collect your favorite quotes, recipes, poems, list of gripes, or your latest novelette and create a mini book which will be cherished as an heirloom by all who are lucky enough to get one. Or, at least until the rubber band dries up and crumbles apart. This project really isn't very hard, and once you have set up the pages and the cover, it is easy to produce copies and to replace the contents for a new mini book.

You'll need a few sheets of paper, one sheet of cardstock, a hole punch, acrylic spray, a heavy duty scalpel, a rubber band, and a stick approx. 3" or 8cm long. Mine came from the dollar store, but you can use wooden kabob skewers or go out and find yourself a nice twig.

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Miniature book

Mini book back cover Mini book page design

Mini book cover

Fold a sheet of paper, as illustrated below, and you will know the dimensions for the cover artwork. Print out the covers yourself, or have a photo lab print copies from your file. Front and back cover fit nicely on a standard 6"x4" photo print with trim margins. Spray acrylic, as a mist for even application, or apply a laminate to protect the cover and ensure longevity of your mini book.


This is how a mini book cover fits on a 4"x6" photo print. Add margins, fold guides, and trim marks to your image. It will be slightly cropped during processing.

Mini book page layout

Here are a few tips and suggestions to consider when designing the pages of your mini book.


First, create a template in your page layout or graphics program by making one vertical line and one horizontal, both centered on your virtual paper sheet. Print.


Fold your test print precisely edge to edge both vertically and horizontally. If the lines don't match the creases, adjust your template and try again. A perfect match is crucial for two-sided alignment. Save a copy!


The stick binding takes space, so move your text blocks and images away from the spine (two outer vertical guides) to ensure a balanced layout.


This is how you can layout your mini pages and fold the sheet after printing. Cut along the black line after folding, for two sets of 8 pages.

Mini book page layout

mini book page layout sample mini book page layout sample mini book page layout sample


Experiment with typography and page layout! Consider using images, dingbats, rules, colored type, drop caps, page numbers... Look in your own books or visit the Miniature Book Society for inspiration.


Get your pages in order, put it all together, and punch two holes. A thin strip of thick cardboard inserted in your hole punch as a spacer will allow you to position your holes closer to the spine. Thread the rubber band through from the back and loop around the ends of the stick. Trim your mini book with a sharp scalpel. Admire.




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