Smelly fish

Lavendar scent is said to promote restful sleep and sweet dreams. With a smelly fish such as this one residing under your bed pillow, you need only flip your pillow over at bedtime to enjoy its beneficial aroma as you drift away to dreamland!

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smelly lavendar fish sachet






lavendar fish layout


Take a photo of your favorite fish, or colorize a clipart fish, and align it with its mirror image as illustrated here. Markings help identify where the finished print will be folded. Print on ink jet cotton, or prepare your own sheets by ironing material to freezer paper. Fold face to face and sew around the image, leaving a gap large enough to pour in dried lavendar flowers. Trim, turn right side out, fill, and sew the gap closed. A stitch along the body edge, where the fins connect, gives the fish a nice shape.


When giving a smelly fish as a gift, you can put it in a cellophane bag and enclose with a label, maybe something like this:

You can download the label frame you see here from the Free Graphics section.

smelly fish lavendar sachet

Does it have to be a fish? That shape is not easy to sew around! You'll be delighted to know that lavendar sachets needn't be fish shaped. They can be made any shape, even square, like this one!

You, too, can make kaleidoscope images from your photos or artwork if you have Photoshop!
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kaleidoscope lavendar sachet

Your image can be transferred to fabric instead of printed directly.

Applying your images to textiles opens a wide range of possibilities. You could embellish your sachet with buttons, sequins, beads, embroidery, lace, ribbon, tassels, pewter charms... Consider also quilting techiques or channel stitching.



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