Mini fridge calendar

Bribe your pride and joy to pose with a board or frame of some kind. Beautify the image on your computer, make a printout the appropriate size, give it a protective acrylic coating or laminate, put a self-adhesive magnet sheet on the back, trim. Attach a mini calendar to your lovely picture... Even nicer in 3D, easily achieved with a piece of black, self-adhesive foam from the crafts store. (See illustration on the fridge magnet page.) Scroll down for a supplier of calendars or see below about making your own!

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Mini fridge calendar


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calendar layout
How do I make those tear-off calendar pages?

Design your calendar, layout a row of three at the top of the page. After printing, you should have a page with three Decembers, a page with three Novembers, etc.; 12 pages plus a protective page with cutting guides on top and a sheet of cardboard or chipboard beneath. The set is sandwiched between scrap paper and two sturdy boards, clamped together and brushed with glue along the top edge, one or two coats. Unclamp after drying and divide the calendars with a heavy duty sharp blade.

calendar components

Left: Use scrap paper folded over your clamping device to keep it glue-free.

Large office clips or C-clamps and two sturdy boards can be used for clamping. Padding cement, or padding compound, can be found at EDPS, bookbinding suppliers, and some office supply stores. There is a red variety. Ordinary white glue or wood glue work fine, too, and you can add your own color.

mini calendar

EDPS offers a tutorial featuring a nifty vise and padding cement.

padding vise

Mini calendars, ready to attach to your artwork
If you are mass producing calendars for your family, friends, and workmates, or you'd just rather focus on the artsy parts, consider ordering these neat little calendars ready made. A Google search will offer choices.

Easy Life Productions
no longer offers mini calendars, but they do have a variety of other calendar blanks.
mini calendar C


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