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Installing files


Depending on which package you have downloaded, you will have some of the files in the chart, below.
Locate the Presets Folder in your Photoshop folder. Newer PS versions have 2 Presets folders! It is important to get the files into the right folders so that you can find them to load them! Place the files as follows:

Photoshop Actions folder

Patterns folder

Custom Shapes folder

Ancient Burnt Parchment.atn
Amazing Sphere.atn
Mirror images.atn
Jewel grunge.atn
Mandala maker.atn
DC Artsy trix.atn
Abby's pix fixers.atn
Abby's face fix.atn


In Photoshop, open the Preset Manager...
from the Edit menu, choose Patterns,
then Load... and locate flowerbumps.pat
or other [.pat file] just installed, if any.

Actions palette


Next, choose Custom Shapes,
Load... and locate DCkalshapes.csh
or other [.csh file] just installed, if any.
Click Done.


From the Actions palette, right, choose Load...
from the palette's menu (M)

Select DCrepeats.atn or other [.atn file] just installed.

The Actions (G) will appear in the Actions palette.

Now, you are ready to run the Actions! Good luck!


Running an Action

To apply one of the Actions, open a Set (G) by clicking on the little arrow to the left of the folder icon. Choose an Action, click on it (H) to highlight it and press the Play button (C) at the bottom of the palette.
Now just follow the prompts displayed by the Action.


Action prompts (or Stops)

Some Actions need your participation. A message will appear, asking you to perform a task. Most often, you will need to click Stop to follow the instructions. When done, click the Play button (C) to continue.

Some requests may be either optional or unnecessary. For example, you may get a prompt to open an image and have done so already. In such cases, click Continue in the message box.


"Not available" message

No problem. Just click Continue!


Snowflake Action

When done, click the Play button (C) to continue.

For more illustrations and samples,

click here.

Here's another
Photoshop Actions Tutorial
that is more detailed and with more illustrations!

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