Framemaker Actions

for Photoshop (not Elements—≥orry!)
Mac and PC

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Pattern Actions Seamless Patterns
Parchment Actions Vintage, torn parchment
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Fun new tools for the digital crafter or scrapbooker!

The Framemaker Actions for Photoshop are fun, easy to use tools for digital scrapbooking. Use your photo or artwork as a source and watch as the Action produces a fabulous frame or border within seconds. Create unique picture frames or original, customized embellishments for your photo album, scrapbook, greeting cards, or quilts!

frame element

From this...


scrapbook frame this!

Framemaker Action 1

You can use any image, part of an image, clipart, or pattern as source material to create borders and frames within seconds. The possibilities are endless!


source image 

Source image.

scrapbook frame

Framemaker Action 2

This Action will miter fit the corners, rather then blend the overlap.


geometric pattern border for photo or scrapbook
A decorative border...


Framemaker Action 3

This Action will multiply your image more times, so you can start with a square source.

geometric pattern source image

...from a simple geometric pattern.

The Actions offer flexibility, so you have control over your creations.


frame for photo or scrapbook

Prefer a rectangular border? Just crop to your desired proportions when the Action prompts!

dragonfly border

Dragonfly border.


picture frame detail

A photo of rust, rivets, and peeling paint on the side of an old train car was the starting point for this border.

decorative picture frame
A digital photo of an interesting surface easily transforms into a decorative border!

Framemaker Action 1

Different parts of an image will give different results. The frame width is determined by the proportions of the source image used.


Framemaker Action 2

Clipart from Dover was used for this frame. The bevel and drop shadow were made by the Action, but are optional.


exotic border for photo or scrapbook create this frame.

clipart for scrapbooking

This clipart was used...


source image for frame or border
Part of this clipart fish was cropped out...

horizontal fish frame...and run through the Framemaker Action.

frame or border for photo or scrapbook

The Action will also bevel the edges and add a drop shadow, but only if you want!

Actual size. page border detail

decorative scrapbook borders

...can become eye catching borders--easily!

Framemaker Action 1

A simple dot border becomes something else when Layer Effects are applied! To achieve this effect, all white areas were selected and deleted before adding a Layer Style.
source image for Photoshop Action
A simple row of dots...


Framemaker Action 3

Any digital art, pattern, or photo can easily be turned into a striking frame or border!


kaleidoscope border for photo or scrapbook

...was used as source image for this frame.

kaleidoscope source image

A Kaleidoscope Action creation...


Framemaker Action 2

For this border, a leaf vine, home made in a draw program, was run through the Framemaker Action. The photographic flowers were added on afterwards, with the drop shadow Layer Effect.


flower scrapbook border the digitally drawn leaf vine border.

flower scrapbook border detail

Photographic flowers were added...


frame or border for photo or scrapbook frame or border for photo or scrapbook




Kaleidoscope Actions: $4.95. See them here.
Pattern Actions: $3.50. See them here.
Parchment Actions set: $3.50. See them here.
Fabulous Flames Actions: Free! See them here.


= 4 sets and more for only $8.99!

For info on installing and using Photoshop Actions, click here.



The .zip file needs unzipping with Winzip, Stuffit, or equivalent. Installation is very easy. Be sure to check out the included MustRead file!

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