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NEW! Photoshop Actions Gallery!

Drop Repeat Action

Just choose one of your images or patterns and run this Action. Images with an homogenous edge, as in this example, will result in a seamless tile.

pattern source image

From this...
Drop Repeat this!


Half Drop Repeat Action lt
Half Drop Repeat Action dk

These Actions will vertically overlap repeats of your source photo or artwork.

pattern source image Half Drop Repeat Pattern
Use the 'lt' Action on images with a light or transparent surrounding .
half drop repeat pattern

half drop repeat pattern source image

The 'dk' version works best with lighter images on darker backgrounds.

Flip Drop Repeat Action

Choose one of your images, or create a new one, and run this Action for a unique pattern.

A quick sketch...
pattern source image
...became an interesting pattern!
Flip Drop Repeat Pattern

Pattern Gallery

Seamless Drop Flip Repeat Action

Run this Action on one of your own images to produce a seamless pattern. Requires some manual labor at prompts.

Click on the tile to view the pattern.

pattern source image

Seamless Drop Flip Repeat Action

Seamless Drop Flip Repeat Pattern this!
You'll always get a seamless tile/pattern with this Action.


pattern source image

From this...

Pattern Gallery

Seamless Drop Flip Repeat Pattern

Be prepared for some surprising effects!

Seamless Drop Flip Repeat Action

A seamless result from any type of source image.

pattern source image

Source image

Drop Flip Repeat Pattern

Wrapping paper? Fabric pattern? Wall paper? Floor mat? Web page background? Mouse pad?
pattern source image

Same source image as above

Drop Flip Repeat Action

Another pattern option! Source images with an homogenous edge color, such as this one, will produce a seamless tile.

Drop Flip Repeat Pattern

A garden photo of Dianthus and Arugula flowers was the starting point for this pattern!
pattern source image

Seamless tile created by Action

Seamless Drop Flip Repeat Action

Use any type of image for a seamless pattern with this Action.

Pattern Gallery

Drop Flip Repeat Pattern

A hexagonal kaleidoscope, created with a Digital Crafts Kaleidoscope Action, was used for this pattern.
pattern source image


If your source image is symmetric, you don't need an Action to make a seamless pattern in Photoshop.

Kaleidoscope Actions

Compare the effects of the different Pattern Actions!

Just click on the R and a new window will open.



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Questions? Get more Actions info here, or send me an email!



The .zip file contains a .atn file which should be copied over to the Photoshop Actions folder on your computer. Very easy. Be sure to check out the Must Read file!

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