Kaleidoscope Actions

for Photoshop (not Elements!)
Mac and PC

The Photoshop Kaleidoscope Action is a fun, easy to use tool for the digital crafter. Make fabulous mandalas and patterns from your photos or artwork within seconds. Create unique page backgrounds for web or print, or your very own fabric patterns for quilts and other crafts!
Pattern Actions Seamless Patterns
Framemaker Actions Photoshop border
Parchment Actions Vintage, torn parchment
Fabulous Flames Actions Photoshop Flames
See a splendid display of digital Kaleidoscopes and Mandalas!

Hexagon from Pattern

You only need to choose a pattern when prompted, and then watch as your own, unique, beautiful kaleidoscopic image unfolds!


Hexagon from image
Hexagon seamless from image
Hexagon seamless from Pattern

Just choose a photo, pattern, drawing, or other digital artwork and run the Action!


Don't miss the Kaleidoscope Gallery!

Mirror Hexagon from image

This Action will produce a seamless 12 segment kaleidoscope from your source image.

Detail: One little frog became 12!

Hexagonal seamless from Pattern

All you need to do is choose a pattern when prompted--the rest is taken care of! Abstract patterns can produce quite striking kaleidoscopes!


The source image, left, produced the two kaleidoscopes on the right with this Action.

Hexagon seamless from image

You'll be amazed at what this Action does with your images!

Click here to enter the Kaleidoscope Gallery!

Octagon from image
Octagon, automatic

Imagine what spectacular coasters you could make! Or quilts! Or greeting cards! How about a large print on canvas for the wall?


Octagon abstract

The Action will create a 'wedge' for you to decorate, then proceed to create a kaleidoscope from it.


Snowflake Action

Have you made paper snowflakes? This Action does the same thing! Sort of... Choose either 'embellished', as shown here, 'plain', or 'gem studded gold brooch'.


Flowermaker Action

Mother Nature is too slow. This Action does it faster. Much faster.


Daisymaker 1
Daisymaker 2

More petals. But is it really a daisy?


More Kaleidoscope samples


Kaleidoscope tips and sample images!

Frame Actions + Kaleidoscope Actions
+ Pattern Actions + Parchment Actions

= 4 Action sets for $8.99




Patternmaker Actions: $3.50. See them here.
Framemaker Actions: $3.95. See them here.
Fabulous Flames Actions: Free! See them here.
All Actions are guaranteed to work with Photoshop on Mac and PC. (Sorry! Not yet for Elements!)
Questions? Click here for Actions info, or send me an email!


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