Beaded and Wire Trees, by Sal Villano

I have been creating beaded and wire tree sculpture since 1977. I have sold thousands of pieces at art shows, in galleries and on line. I also have written a book on how to create beaded and wire tree sculpture, which has sold thousands of copies.

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Bonsai Island, wire tree sculpture

13"wide x 16"high x 13" deep. Tree is made of 18 & 26 gauge silver colored steel wire. The branches and twigs contain hundreds of multi-colored tiny glass fringe beads. Each bead is interwoven with the wire giving the structure of the tree a more natural look. The tree, and a very interesting  piece of driftwood, are mounted on various size and shaped pieces of blue stained glass. All is bound together in sand and pebbles. The sand is painted using India ink to look like moss. The overall piece has the feel of a tropical island set in the center of a deep blue sea. When displayed in direct sunlight or very bright lights, the sculpture is ablaze with reflective color.

 # 10-07   $ 1,650


Jade Cascade, with Jade Leaves

17" wide x 11"deep x 18"high. Wire tree sculpture with 218 genuine Jade leaves of various shapes and sizes. Some of the jade leaves are flat and others have a slight upward turn at the tip. Each leaf is individually wired onto its branch using a unique method developed by Sal Villano expressly for this type of  sculpture. There are no holes in any of the leaves so they appear very natural in their position on the end of each twig. The tree is created using 18, 24 and 26 gauge gold color wire. The roots of the tree are bound into a sand and pebble mound that is painted in greens and yellows using India ink to create the image of moss.  The sculpture is in a 7" round metallic finished ceramic bowl and is permanently fixed to the dark wood 5 legged elevation base. This sculpture can and should be displayed in direct sunlight since all the coloring and material used are light fast, and will not fade.

#8-07  $ 1,985


Copper Island, wire tree sculpture

Created using 26 and 28 gauge solid copper wire. 10" x 10"x 8". The ends of each of the 26 gauge wire  is hammered flat creating delicate thin copper leaves. The root system winds its way down and is bonded into a mound of sand and pebbles. A  triangular antique clay brick is interlocked in the root system and the mound. The mound is made of  sea sand and pebbles and is painted in yellows and greens using India ink. All is set in a 7" round clay container that matches the color of the brick.
#21-07  $ 325

Coral Wind Swept, wire tree sculpture

12" X 11" X 8" Created using  24 and 26 gauge galvanized steel wire. The tree is mounted onto an irregular shaped piece of white coral. The coral is mounted onto a 7 inch square piece of translucent piece of green glass. The sea sand is painted in yellows and greens using India ink to look like moss covered earth.

#48-08  $ 385


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