Ruth Foster was born in Ukiah, California. She attended the University of California in Santa Barbara California. She now lives on a ranch in Arkansas and has worked for about 30 years, sketching and painting the hills and streams of the Ozarks.

For more information, write to Ruth at:
Ruth Foster
10904 Trotter Road
Harrison AR 72601

or drop her an email!

Please click on the titles below to enjoy more of Ruth's watercolors. Please check back as we are adding more paintings as time allows.


Ranch Bluffs

Upper Creek

Below the House Creek


Rocky Creek

Old Sycamore

Mountain Stream

York Beach

Gaither Woods



Two in a Canoe


White River Trout Fishing

High Sierra

Table Rock

St. Thomas

Studio Trees

Green Trees

Buffalo Canoe

Stetson's Place

Plum Blossoms

Sailing Shrimp



Blue Mono

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