Within you will find a lengthy genealogy listing for some of the most direct names in my personal family history. There is more information in my files than on the site, so if you have a tie to any of these families, please check back for new additions!

These files were hastily copied over from a closing Geocities webpage as part of a copying "test" by current host WebRing, so until the updates are complete on our end, this site may not be as easy to navigate as we'd like. Please be patient as we make the necessary modifications to each page individually. We are very grateful to WebRing for salvaging so much of the site. Despite the need to tweak every file one at a time, it is still less of a burden than recreating the entire site would have been! Pages that are fully transferred and edited will have a "last updated" reference at the bottom of the left column. These pages should view & function precisely as we intend.

Stalnecker Family History

Jefferies Family History

Tice Family History

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