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This page is titled as such, because families ARE like "new and fallen leaves". Some people are bright and colorful while others are more sedate and quiet but just as full of living. Some of the people on these pages are just begining their lives, some are just reaching the peak of theirs, still others are coming near to the end of theirs. There are those who have come and left their marks but are no longer with us, who have fallen before us. But they did not want to be lost from us forever, their dreams are still just as real for their loved ones and family as are ours.
We ask that you stop and think about those who will come behind you, wanting to know from whence they came and who their ancestors were.


Give them some "roses without thorns" to cherish and hand down to their loved ones. Only in this way will you, your parents and siblings never be forgotten.

Genealogy is very much like a rose. It is a joy to behold, can be held closs to your heart or pressed in the pages of your mind. Please write down your own personal history so that they might know the answers we all have tried so hard to find.
Leave them all your tender memories of those who are here now and those that went before you.
Leave them a legacy of love.

If the name is underlined the link "IS" working; otherwise it is NOT yet in. If you are interested in any of these family names (listed alphabetically), Please click the appropriate name. Here are the roses of the families we have been researching:

  • The Acheson Clan Scotland
    Our Acheson FamilyIre. & New England
    The Britt Family Western Pa.
    The Baxter Family Pa.
    Campbell Clan Scot. NY.& RI.(not in yet)
    Donnelly Family> (not in yet)
    The English Family Pa. & Oh.
    Fulton Family Scot., Ire. & Pa.
    Graves Family Eng., Va. & NC.
    Holland Family (not in yet)
    Kepple Family(not in yet)
    Kratzer-Krotzer Family; Pa. & OH.
    Mc Neill Family VA. NC.& Tn.
    Martin Family Va. & Tn.
    The Moore Family Va. Tn. & Tx.
    Mussellman Family(see Krotzer)
    Perkins Family(not in yet)
    The Rife Family Pa.& Oh.
    The Russell Family Va. & Tn.
    The Stewart Clan Scot. & Me.
    The Taylor Family N.J. & Pa.
    Welker Family(not in yet)

    Also of interest is:

  • Robbie's World - - My PERSONAL home page!
    It has links for people with dis-ABILITIES (especially Post Polio), Recipes, Poetry, Friends, Family, for Genealogist and other interesting things. Come and visit me if you have time.

    NOTE: We are getting this site in as fast as we can so please be patient with us. It would be greatly appreciated.
    The above information only includes information on our own particular family lines. If you are interested in other parts of these family lines, please feel free to email us and we will try to help if we can.

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    Many Thanks, Robbie and Ivan Britt

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